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Dictionaries, glossaries, and language resources

LEO English ↔ German Dictionary
Online English ↔ German dictionary with over 350 000 entries.

Merriam-Webster Online
Webster's English dictionary and thesaurus.
German spelling and grammar.
English translations to and from German, French, Italian and Spanish – based on the Harper Collins dictionaries.

The European Union's multilingual terminology database.

English-German / German-English technical glossary.

Online technical lexicon – with focus on computing and Internet terms.

English lexical database – developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.

Style guides and other writing resources

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition
A comprehensive guide to Web design developed by Patrick J. Lynch (Yale University) and Sarah Horton (Dartmouth University) – also known as the Yale Style Guide.

Chicago Manual of Style – Questions and Answers
Find out how the experts interpret the Manual's recommendations and guidelines and how they stand on evolving issues that are not yet covered in the Manual.

Elements of Style – by William Strunk
This is an online version of the first edition by William Strunk, originally published in 1918. The later editions, coauthored by E. B. White, have been classroom standards for years – but readers should keep in mind that some spelling and usage rules have changed in the meantime.

General reference works

How Stuff Works
Find out how the things around you actually work, from cell phones to online banking. Recent additions include: How vacuum cleaners work, How weblogs work, How cholesterol works.

Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia
This online community work is under continued development.
Online encyclopedia.

Standards and organizations

Tekom – Gesellschaft für technische Kommunikation
Home page of the Tekom, the German Society for Technical Communication, with a selection of pages available in English.

W3C – World Wide Web Consortium
Home page of the W3C, the web standards organization.

Home page of OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. Several standards of particular interest in connection with technical communication are: XLIFF, DocBook (see below).

Specification of the XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF).

DocBook XML
Specification for hardware and software documentation – in XML format – according to the DocBook document type.

Web directories, portals, and other resources – About Communication
Communication related news, books and web resources

KwMap – a keyword map of the Internet
Use this keyword-based search engine to browse the Internet by topics. See how keywords such as technical communication relate to other relevant terms. – Vertical Science Portal
Offers links to a wide range of academic and scientific resources.